Plan Documents/Summary Plan Descriptions

We provide the following plan documents—free of charge—to you in order to help you understand how our plans operate:

  • Summary Plan Description (SPD): Tells participants what the plan provides and how it operates. It provides information on when an employee can begin to participate in the plan, how service and benefits are calculated, when benefits becomes vested, when and in what form benefits are paid, and how to file a claim for benefits.
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC): An easy-to-read summary that lets you make apples-to-apples comparisons of costs and coverage between health plans. You can compare options based on price, benefits, and other features that may be important to you.
  • Summary Annual Report (SAR):  An annual report summarizing the Retirement or Health plan’s financial activities as reported on the Form 5500 filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Annual Funding Notice (AFN):  For pension plans only.  Annual notice which lists the following information:  How well the plan is funded, the value of plan assets and liabilities, how the pension plan is invested, and the legal limits the PBGC can pay if your plan ends.

To access your plan’s SPD, SBC, or SAR, please click on the relevant link below:

Health and Welfare Plan Information

Savings Plan Information

Retirement Plan Information

Historical communications can be found HERE